You will receive these four Evolving Stars Collection challenges today.

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Starting at 10 am, up to four Evolving Stars Collection Challenges will be introduced to the game. There are four quests for each of them that don’t require you to catch Pokémon but instead call for you to evolve Pokémon.

Evolving Stars: Eevee Challenge

  • Transform an Eevee into a Vaporeo.
  • Develop a Jolteo from an Eevee
  • Develop a Flareo from an Eevee
  • Reward: Metal Coat Upgrade

Evolving Stars: Trade Challenge

  • a Haunter could become a Gengar.
  • a Kadabra could become an Alakazam
  • Dragon Scale, Sun Stone, and Kings Roc as rewards

Evolving Stars: Unova Challenge

  • Transform a Tynamo into an Eelektrik.
  • a Litwick could become a Lampent.
  • 2 Unova Stone as compensation

Evolving Stars: Sinnoh Challenge

  • Transform a Rhyhorn into a Rhydon.
  • a Swinub can evolve into a Piloswin.
  • Transform a Ralts into a Kirl
  • Create a Dusclops from a Duskull
  • 2 Sinnoh Stones as compensation

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