You can check out the complete GO Battle Day questline for January 2023

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Tomorrow and today are GO Battle Weekend. You can find all details here. We also have the complete contents of the GO Battle Day Jan 2023 questline.

GO Battle Day January 2023:

  • Battle in the GO Battle League five times – 7500 XP
  • Battle in the GO Battle League 10 Times – 7500 XP
  • Ten Supereffective Charged Attacks for 7500 XP
  • You can power up Pokemon 10x – Get 7500 XP
  • Reward: 2 rare candy, Elite ChargedTM, Steven Rings

The GO Battle Day January 20,23 questline, while not huge, is worth pursuing. If you aren’t willing to work too hard, it’s always a great chance to obtain the avatar items.

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