Week 40 of 2022 in Pokémon GO will provide you this.

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What can you anticipate in Week 40 or Pokémon GO in 2022? We shall, of course, respond to that query on Monday of this week. As a result, we have the following summary for you each week:

4 October:

  • 6 pm: Purrloin’s Spotlight Hour and an article

5th of October:

  • 10 am: Event begins with Evolving Stars – Article
  • 6 pm: Yveltal’s Raid Hour – Article

October 6:

  • 10 pm: The Evolution Cup arrives

October 8:

  • Mega Gyarados Raidday – Article at two o’clock

This month’s first complete new week has a ton of things to do! A Raid day and a new event!

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