We will we be able to complete the Pokemon GO Referral Challenge?

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We shared earlier this week that it didn’t appear we would pass the Pokemon GO Referral Challenge. We were at about the halfway mark, but we weren’t even close to the goal. There are still about one day left and we’re at 90% as of this writing. It looks as though we will make it.

This raises the question of whether Niantic is credible in such matters. Players have questioned the fact that we’ve met all targets up to now. However, it was not a valid reason. There is now more. It was especially surprising because we couldn’t see it initially and the growth was much faster. It could be true. It’s ultimately up to you to make the decision.

It is the idea behind the challenge that 100,000 people will add their name as referrals before tomorrow’s event. You can read more about this and learn how you can do it.

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