Vote for the Pokemon Theme Song to be voted back in the Top 2000.

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Today is the second round of voting in Top 2000. You can still vote until December 7 for the lists that end the year. For years, the Pokemon Theme Song was in this list! In recent years we have always called on everyone who likes Pokemon to include the song in their playlist.

The Pokemon Theme Song is actually called Jason Paige – Gotta Catch’m all! This song is not appropriate for people who shout a lot. This is the beauty and genius of Top 2000. There are no restrictions on what you can put in the Top 2000. These may be some of the greatest songs ever written, but they are only as good as your opinion. Your feelings are more important than the quality of the song. Many players feel that the Pokemon Theme Song has an excellent feeling, so it is appropriate for the list. You can also vote from 8:15 a.m.

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