Version 0.253.0 of Pokemon GO is now available, according to dataminers!

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Pokemon GO Version 0.253.0 has been released and is available at some shops. The Pokeminers did a datamine, and you’ll find all the information you need below:

  • Although the assets required to create a new type of evolution stone were found, it does not look right here.

    • It is mentioned that you can also follow your friend with a Follower Item.
  • Updates on Pokemon Size
  • A new way to import contacts
  • Next Saturday, a special Community Day Moon
  • New Candy Transfer Screen
  • Additional animated text
  • Stickers v2 is now live
  • You can now encounter a Pokemon with new effects
  • Extended Pokemon settings to a purpose yet unknown

    • Spawnable Pokemon is a brand new type of Pokemon that can be encountered from the stops
    • Possible for Elite Raids
  • Upload images to Photo Records Presumably, for the Catch Card
  • There are many ways to exchange information among games.
  • Campfire updates
  • Notification buttons for updates
  • Updates to programming languages

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