Today’s new Pokemon arrive already in Pokemon After Community Day

img 10

Although today is the Classic Community Day for Dratini, it’s not what many people are looking forward to. We know now that we have the first version of the event. Next, we will announce the appearance of a new Pokemon from Scarlet & Violet. This is what happens next:

  • Some Pokestops may turn yellow/gold after the Classic Community Day ends
  • You can spin the arrows to have a conversation about Professor Willow or Jacq, and then the Pokemon will appear.
  • A coin named ???? is given to you. You get a coin called???? and the Pokemon begins chasing after you
  • It’s impossible to catch it.
  • You suddenly receive lots of additional items when you spin Pokestops.

We will share any additional information throughout the day, if necessary. We will also share more information about Community Day!

It’s exciting to find out what the next step will be. This is the Pokemon that was found yesterday.

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