This year, Niantic appears to have made far less money from mobile games.

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Of course, having a free-to-play game is the desire of any game publisher. Make as much money as you can by continuing to sell things. Since the launch of Pokémon GO, Niantic has produced more than a billion dollars in revenue annually, with a large portion of that coming from users. But that appears to be over at this point.

Sales of mobile games brought in 386 million euros in the first seven months of this year. That is a significant decrease from prior years. especially when you consider that the most profitable occasions frequently include the Pokémon Tours and GO Fest. These two incidents occurred within the year’s first seven months.

Of course, nothing is definitive just yet, but it appears that Niantic’s revenue is falling. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise given the many choices it has made, which have led many gamers to elect not to spend any additional funds. Although the extent of this influence won’t likely be known until next year, this is already significant.

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