This is what you can expect in Week 44 in 2022 on Pokemon GO

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We don’t know what to expect for Week 44 in 2022, so the information about this week is incomplete. We do know that tomorrow is the start of a new event. We’ve tried our best to provide a summary every week, but it’s not easy.

November 1:

  • 10:00 a.m.: Dia de Muertos Event. Article
  • Spotlight Hour at 6 pm with an unknown Pokemon
  • 22:02 Starmie is the November Research Breakthrough. Article

November 2:

  • 13:00: Raid Hour With Origin Forme Giratina Article

3 November:

  • 22:02: The Ultra League and Willpower Cup are underway – Article

November 5:

  • 14:00 Classic Community Day With Dratini Article

6 November:

  • 0:00: GO Battle Day Miltank – Article

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