The Pokemon GO Halloween 2022 part 1 begins at 10 AM!

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It’s now time to start Pokemon GO Halloween 2022 part 1. The bonuses below will be available.

  • Pokemon GO Halloween 2022 Part 1. Lasts from October 20, 10, a.m. until Oct. 27, 10, a.m.
  • Mega Banette is a shiny new Pokemon that joins the game.
  • Two Timed Research Tasks will need to be completed.

    • A one-off cost of approximately 1 Euro
    • Other costs are approximately 5 Euros

      • These will give you a unique pose
      • It is among others.

  • A Special Research will be conducted.
  • These Pokemon are much more prevalent in nature:

    • Zubat*
    • Gastly*
    • Haunter
    • Spinarak*
    • Murkrow*
    • Misdreavus*
    • Sableye*
    • Shuppet*
    • Dusclops
    • Absol*
    • Drifloon*
    • Yamask*
    • Golett
    • Phantump
    • Pumpkaboo
  • Special 7km eggs are available

    • These include Galarian Yamask and Noibat, which may shine for the first-time.
  • Spooky Pose receives an update
  • You can find special Avatar Products
  • Pokestops and Gyms have a unique look
  • Lavender Town is back
  • These Candy Bonuses are now in force:

    • Catching Pokemon requires double candy
    • Double Candy is required to transfer Pokemon
    • Double XL Candy to hatch Pokemon
    • From level 31, you can walk with your friend in XL candy.
  • The attack Shadow Force can be learned by Altered Forme Giratina
  • Special raids are available
  • Special Field Research Tasks are available

Stay tuned for all details during the day!

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