The Mega-Raidbosses and level 5 bosses for October 2022 are listed here.

img 7

Numerous new raid monsters will debut the next month, and we now know what to anticipate in terms of level 5 and Mega-Raid bosses for October 2022:

  • September 27 and October, Yveltal*
  • October 8 and October 20 in Xerneas*
  • October 20 and October 27 – Giratina (Altered)*
  • October 27/November: Giratina (Origin)
  • Mega Lopunny: October 8 and September 27
  • October 8 and October 20: Mega Manetric
  • Unknown Mega: November 8 and October 20

The most intriguing part is that a new Mega Raidboss appears to be coming! And for the first time, Xerneas appears shining. Additionally, every Wednesday features a Raid Hour featuring Level 5 raid-capable Pokémon.

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