The Festival of Lights 2022 has been announced by Niantic!

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This morning at an odd hour, Niantic made the information regarding the Festival of Lights 2022 public. Everything that will occur during the event is listed below:

  • From October 14, 10 am to October 17, 8 pm, the Festival of Lights 2022 will take place.
  • In Pokémon GO, Morelull and Shiinotic make their debut.
  • You have a higher likelihood of receiving shiny Chinchou.
  • Catching Pokémon grants you twice as much experience.
  • The reward for catching Pokémon is double candy.
  • During the occasion, incense burns for two hours.
  • In the wild, the following Pokémon are more prevalent: Galarian Ponyta* Togedemaru* Galarian Pikach* Vulpix* Magnemite* Chinchou* Litwick litleo* Helioptile
  • Special Incense encounters do occur.
  • Special Field Research Tasks are available.
  • Special Raid Bosses are available.
  • The research is timed.
  • There are unique sticker types.

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