Teddiursa de november 2022 Community Day Pokémon!

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Many rumors had suggested that Teddiursa would be the November 2022 Community Day Pokemon. However, it is now confirmed. You can now expect all the details:

  • Teddiursa Community Day will be held on November 12th from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m.
  • Teddiursa has a greater chance of shining and is more common.
  • Ursaluna joins the game
  • This Pokemon can be made only during full moon
  • He can learn High Horsepower in the event hours and up to five hours afterwards
  • Special Research Story 99 Cents – Sweet Snack
  • These bonuses are available:

    • Three times Stardust is required to catch Pokemon
    • Catching Pokemon gives you double candy
    • Catching Pokemon is easier with XL Candy.
    • During the event, lures last three hours
    • The event lasts three hours and includes incense
    • Photobombs surprise you with a surprising result
    • Each day, you can also make one more Special Trade
    • Stardust trades are 50% cheaper
  • You can get special stickers
  • You can unlock Teddiursa by participating in Ursaring raids within five hours of the event

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