Sparkly Lure, Sparkly Incense and Sparkly Lure are back in Pokemon GO!

img 37

Although we’ve discussed the Sparkly Lure before, it’s still not clear what these lures are capable of. They don’t know what they do, unfortunately. The two were found again in Pokemon GO and given an image. The two are a gray Incense and a grey Lure at the bottom.

There are some speculations, even though there’s no way to know for sure what Sparkly Lure or Sparkly Incense actually are. Dennis and I discussed the possibility of an increase in shiny chances during our MetaPodcast. This isn’t a crazy idea, as there has been no increase in Shiny chances for the Pokemon GO Tour Hoenn. This isn’t confirmed, however. Let us know what Sparkly Lure or Sparkly Incense means to you via Facebook!

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