Slakoth Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players: June 2022

The Pokémon TCG Crossover Event is currently live in Pokémon GO. At this moment, large numbers of the strikes happening highlight species that show up in the forthcoming TCG extension in view of the game that will be delivered on July first. This incorporates Slaking in Tier Three attacks. With this Raid Guide, you can set up a group to take on Slaking and wonderful your getting technique.

Top Slaking Counters

  • Shadow Machamp (Counter, Dynamic Punch)
  • Shadow Hariyama (Counter, Dynamic Punch)
  • Lucario (Counter, Aura Sphere)
  • Conkeldurr (Counter, Dynamic Punch)
  • Shadow Mewtwo (Confusion, Psystrike)
  • Machamp (Counter, Dynamic Punch)
  • Mega Lopunny (Low Kick, Focus Blast)
  • Breloom (Counter, Dynamic Punch)
  • Terrakion (Smack Down, Sacred Sword)
  • Hariyama (Counter, Dynamic Punch)

  • It is prescribed to drive up your counters however much as could be expected, yet making that measure major areas of strength for of Pokémon with their moves opened is a difficult task for even the most drilled players. The following are ten extra non-Shadow and non-Mega counters that can assist with bringing down Slaking with effectiveness.

  • Heracross (Counter, Close Combat)
  • Sirfetch’d (Counter, Close Combat)
  • Regigigas (Fighting-type Hidden Power, Giga Impact)
  • Mewtwo (Confusion, Psystrike)
  • Bewear (Low Kick, Superpower)
  • Blaziken (Counter, Blast Burn)
  • Emboar (Low Kick, Focus Blast)
  • Therian Forme Thundurus (Volt Switch, Focus Blast)
  • Alakazam (Counter, Focus Blast)
  • Toxicroak (Counter, Dynamic Punch)

  • How Many Trainers Do You Need?

    You can do it on your solo dolo. On the off chance that you can’t ensure the top counters with maximized CP and the best moves, your smartest choice is to ensure you have at least two players, however continue punching Slaking up and you ought to have the option to make it happen alone.

    Utilizing the Circle Lock Technique to ensure Great or Excellent tosses, alongside Golden Razz Berries, is the most ideal way to get Pokémon. Be that as it may, on the grounds that Slaking is a developed structure, I suggest involving Pinap Berries for the initial not many tosses trying to acquire extra Slakoth Candy