Prepare for Dratini Classic Community Day

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Dratini Classic Community Day is almost upon us. It’s our third Classic Community Day. We all have some tips, much like any other Community Day. Here are the top tips that we have collected.

Event times

The Classic Community Day is November 5, from 2:00 to 5:00. This means that there will be three hours of benefits.

Event Pokémon: Dratini

Dratini, the exclusive event Pokemon is featured during the event. Every diehard Pokemon player recognizes Dratini as an extremely good Pokemon. Dratini had already been shiny so many players will have him completed.

  • Tip: Your Incense will give you more Dratini
  • Tip: Be sure to have plenty of balls
  • Tip: Keep lots of Pinap Berries on hand (more Dragonite means more candy).
  • You get more Candy if you own a Water Dragon Pokemon

Event-moves: Draco Meteor

Each Dragonair that transforms into a Dragonite at Classic Community Day will be given Draco Meteor. This attack is extraordinary, but does it really do any good? It is according to experts, and that is why you should try the Niantic Classic Community Day!

  • Tip: Trade a few Dratini if you have lots of them. You might be able to win some!

Event Bonus: 3 x Catch Stardust

This time around, there will be three hours worth of bonus offers for players. You can only get the Catch Stardust. For every catch, even Dratini, you will receive three times as much Stardust. This applies only to caught fish. This does not apply to hatching eggs, or any other activities.

  • Tip Use the whole event Star Piece (which is 4.5x more Stardust for catching)
  • Tip Set your starpiece six times already

Event Bonus: Three Hours of Incense

Incense for this Community Day version will also last three hours. Incense will yield more Pokemon, and therefore more shinies. It’s ideal for players looking to catch more.

Event Bonus: Three Hours of Lures

The same applies to lures. They can be used for up to three hours. Lures can yield more Pokemon, and therefore more shinies. Fanatical players looking to catch more Pokemon will find this method ideal.

  • Tip – Make sure you and your friends have the lures on in the vicinity where you are playing.
  • TIP: Go to a downtown park, or a city center. There are lots of stops.

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