Pokémon GO version 0.243.0 is on the way with some notable updates

There will be yet another iteration of Pokémon GO soon! Version 0.243.0 of Pokémon GO is on the way (or in some cases already have). A datamine was of course carried out by Pokéminers:

Shadow Force has been added (Giratina’s signature move)

Four new search terms have been added Hisui, Attack, Defense, HP

The Daily Adventure Incense (also see this article )

Again new updates for Route Maker

Notifications are now in a new place

You seem to be able to make adjustments to your Raid display

You may be able to adjust the level of your raid

Preparations have been made to make remote raids less effective

The Hisuian Pokédex has been added

The image of Pokécoins has been added to the images of rewards

Several minor updates have been added

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