Pokemon GO Community Manager reacts to temporary disable Pokemon GO Plus

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To avoid Zorua’s problems, Pokemon GO Plus was temporarily disabled last weekend. However, it creates more problems. For example, players who wish to use the device on Halloween will now need to find other methods to play. The Pokemon GO Community Manager says that this is not a problem:

on a personal note: watching folks’ reactions to the pokémon plus has been interesting. the device is pretty inaccessible to anyone outside of core playerbase, so having folks play the game without it is sort of like seeing people learn how to work out without equipment.

– Mx. Magpie, Rocket Boss (@mx_danger) October 30, 2022

While the opinions are personal, they do not detract from their importance. This manager stated that Pokemon GO Plus players are less attentive to the environment and can therefore explore more within the game. They then check their smartphones to find the best Pokestops or Gyms.

This is due to the outcry from players regarding Pokemon GO Plus being disabled. It is not surprising, considering it has a significant impact on the game’s playability. However, we’d love to know your thoughts on the matter and how you react!

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