Michael Steranka discusses City Safari, Pokemon GO PvP and more at StadiumCast!

Michael Steranka, the director of Pokemon GO has recently given another interview. The interview was conducted by Inadequence & Lundberger, two PvP players. Move update In the current season, GO Battle League has introduced a significant update to its moves. Michael Steranka says that the decision was made because it was a good time to […]

Shiny Shadow Zapdos did not run all weekend. There will be compensation

The players who thought they were getting Shiny Shadow Zapdos on Saturday, have been deceived. Shadow Zapdos were not shiny. Niantic noticed this and corrected it quickly. It is more important to have publicly announced and communicated that compensation will be coming. It is likely that players who have hunted Shiny Shadow Zapdos can get […]

A new Wayfarer abuse policy

We know that Pokestop requests sent via Wayfarer are abused. This is something we have discussed in the past. Niantic’s Wayfarer Team, Ambassadors, and other Niantic employees have worked hard to combat abuse of Wayfarer. We find these harsh words, but they’re justified. Many Pokestops have low-quality and little contribution. Niantic’s Explorer Community and Wayfarer […]

Niantic launches Oddish Research Day with several bugs in the eastern world

Oddish Research Day is today, with several bonuses and, unfortunately, for New Zealanders and Australians, also several mistakes. Sadly, as we’re used to seeing, things didn’t go according to plan. By the way, these have been corrected, and there could be another makeup event for this particular group. The bugs that were present at Oddish […]