Special Research looks even worse with the Pokemon GO Pawmi Backpack on sale.

Special Research was available for players who desired the Pokemon GO Pawmi Backpack a full week before. This could be purchased around September 10. I’ve Got Your Back Timed Research was $5.99 and offered limited quests and rewards, but most importantly, it gave a Pawmi Backpack. One Incubator Pawmi Silver Pinap Berries Pawmi Three Rare […]

Both Niantic Wayfarer and Ambassadors insist that each ban is thoroughly investigated

Recently, we’ve covered it multiple times. Niantic, and Wayfarer ambassadors have continued to emphasize to us that each ban was a well-informed decision. The ban will not be based on one bad nomination. Niantic shared the same information on their own Wayfarer Forum, and Wayfarer ambassador Andis also posted it on Twitter. It’s tricky because […]

Pokemon GO PartyPlay allows you to play with other players using your Pokemon GO card. This mode is yet to be announced.

Dataminers found the Pokemon GO PartyPlay mode, which has yet to be announced. Pokeminers are doing less work, but there is always someone else to take on the role. You can get a rough idea of what it should look like via Reddit (this image isn’t an official one, but was created by dataminers that […]

Pokemon Sleep Bundles for Sale!} {Pokemon Befriended bundles for sale in Pokemon Sleep!

Two special bundles have been on sale since last Friday in Pokemon sleep To celebrate 100,000,000 Pokemon beingfriended after Sleep. This is a lot of Pokemon in such a short time. These “Befriended Bundles”, therefore, are available until Saturday, September 22 at 7:00 am. Pokemon Befriended Bundle S costs 600 diamonds and contains the following […]