If you’re having problems redeeming the Timed Research code from last weekend, here are some things you can try.

You could have received two Timed Research redemption codes last weekend. You had to log into your Pokemon GO Account and watch the World Championships in 30 minutes, while a countdown timer filled up. This was possible for those with a little technical know-how, but not all people were successful. There were also some technical […]

Pokemon GO Fest 2023: All Ticket-Holders Get Additional!

We’ve also included a list of exclusive ticket-holder benefits. Below you’ll see: Get Diancie Mega Diancie on Saturday with a Special Research Story This Special Research Story includes a shirt (item), as well as a pose. Mega Rayquaza: Special research story (Sunday) Global Challenge Arena with its hourly bonus The Special Incense (item). Special hatches […]

Pokemon GO Global Festival 2023: All players are eligible for bonuses (even those who don’t have tickets).

There are bonuses available to all players in addition to those exclusive for ticket holders. Here’s a list of all the bonuses. You will receive these bonuses as long you continue to play. Lure Modules are good for one hour Double friendship bonus in relation to damage caused in raids Research on the Field: Special […]