You have two Astral Eclipse Collection challenges. This is how you should do them

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The Astral Eclipse Collection will have two challenges. Below you’ll find information about which Pokémon to capture and how much you can earn from each. These challenges are always fun, but they’re not very unique. Astral Eclipse: Sun Challenge Take a Solrock Take a look at the Yungoos Sunkerns available Get a cottonee Take a […]

Review the Astral Eclipse Raidboss

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The Astral Eclipse Raidboss Review is our last item. The following Pokemon will be encountered in raids starting at 11:01 a.m. Level 1: Drifloon* Female Frillish Female Frillish Inkay* Rockruff* Level 3: Tentacruel Druddigon* Hisuian Braviary* Level 5: Nihilego Mega: Mega Houndoom* Make sure to view our Pokemon go accounts for sale Visit All Blogs