These are the Pokemon that Pokemon GO Team Leaders have now during their training session

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We let you know earlier today that Pokemon GO Team Leaders had switched Pokemon. So we now have an updated overview of their rosters. Blanche: Great League: Sneasel Sealeo Vaporeon Ultra League Glaceon Empoleon Mamoswine Master League Suicune Metagross Articuno Candela: Great League: Combusken Magcargo Flareon Ultra League Flareon Typhlosion Magmortar Master League Entei Salamence […]

After all, there seems to have been some improvement in Pokemon Sleep’s development.

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Although Pokemon Sleep is in production since 2019, it’s been quiet for some time. It was originally planned that a Pokemon GO Plus-like app would monitor your sleep patterns and make some adjustments in Pokemon GO. It was silent for quite some time after the announcement. However, things about Pokemon Sleep were discovered in the […]

GO Tour: Hoenn: Torkoal and Tropius may be in the wild again after all

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There are still many questions about GO Tour Hoenn. We know for example that Tropius, Torkoal and Relicanth live in 10km eggs. However, according to Niantic, they could also exist in the wild, as per their website. Global Gameplay has the following information: Special Pokémon will appear in the wild! During the event, special Pokemon […]