Pokémon GO Battle Weekend, Shadow Latios, and more

However, there won’t be just one day of battles this month, but rather a full weekend of them! Until recently, no one knew exactly what was going on, but things have shifted since then. Last night, Niantic revealed the following:

  • The event will take place all day on July 9 and 10
  • A Team GO Rocket balloon appears every three hours
  • You get four times more Stardust as Team GO Rocket reward
  • You can unlearn Frustration from a Pokémon with a Charged TM
  • You can do twenty GO Battle League sets per day
  • Shadow Latios comes into play for the first time and is Giovanni’s new Pokémon
  • Shadow Geodude, Shadow Shinx and Shadow Purloin come into the game for the first time
  • There is a new Special Research for Giovanni and it will remain until September 1st

  • This weekend’s Pokémon GO Battle Weekend is primarily about Team GO Rocket and the GO Battle League just tangentially.

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