Participate in the Berlin Global Pokémon GO Challenge and Unlock Ultra Rare Breedings

A ticket and physical presence are required for entry into the Pokémon GO Fest: Berlin this weekend. However, there is also something for those who want to stay at home to take advantage of. Pokémon GO Fest: Berlin Global Challenge, Ultra Unlock, and all the information on this can be found here:

  • The Pokémon GO Fest: Berlin Global Challenge and Ultra Unlock will take place from 9am July 1 to 6pm July 3
  • When a still unknown goal is achieved, you unlock the following:
    • Double Stardust for beating Team GO Rocket members during the Global Challenge period
    • Ultra Unlock: Anniversary Event
    • Ultra Unlock: Battle Weekend
  • Some of the Pokémon from Pokémon GO Fest: Berlin are also available worldwide
  • There is a collection challenge in which you have to catch this Pokémon

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