Niantic will be hosting the Dia de Muertos 2022 Event with brand new costumes!

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Today Niantic revealed the Dia de Muertos event for 2022. This event is a regular one with lots of extra bonus offers for certain regions around the globe.

  • Dia de Muertos 2222 will be held on November 1st from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. Nov. 2.
  • With a cempasuchil crown, the entire Duskull clan is in play (and it can even be shiny).
  • Incense and lures last for 90 minutes
  • You get double Catch Candy
  • A special Collection Challenge is available
  • These Pokemon are much more prevalent in nature:

    • Cubone*
    • Chinchou*
    • Sunkern*
    • Roselia*
    • Litwick*
    • Swirlix*
    • *Duskull covered in a cempasuchil crown
    • Drifloon*
    • Yamask*
  • They are more prevalent in Latin America and Caribbean.
  • You can find special Incense or Lure-spawns
  • Special raid-bosses are available and there is also a Field Research Task.
  • You can find special Avatar Products

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