Niantic Releases First Halloween 2022 Part of Pokémon GO Details!

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The information for Pokémon GO Halloween 2022 Part 1 was just made public by Niantic. That implies that there is a part 2 as you would have guessed. The specifics of this are unknown at this time. The following information has been released:

  • Part 1 of the Pokémon GO Halloween 2022 event will start at 10 a.m. 20th of October, 10 a.m. 27 October
  • Mega Banette is a brand-new Pokémon that can have shiny parts.
  • You will be required to pay for two timed research tasks.
    One is around one euro and the other is about five euros.
    You obtain a unique stance from this.
  • A Special Research will also be conducted.
  • In the wild, the following Pokémon are more prevalent:
  • Special 7km eggs, such as Noibat and Galarian Yamask, have the potential to become shiny for the first time.
  • An update is made to The Spooky Pose.
  • Special avatar items exist.
  • Gyms and Pokéstops receive a distinctive makeover.
  • Music from Lavender Town is returning.
  • There are the following Candy bonuses available:
    Catching Pokémon earns you double the candy
    Dual candies for moving Pokémon
    Double XL Candy for Pokémon Hatching
    From level 31, a guaranteed XL Candy is received for walking with a friend.
  • The Shadow Force move is teachable to Altered Forme Giratina.
  • Special raids exist.
  • Special Field Research Tasks are available.

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