Make sure to create a Mega-Pokémon in time for Community Day!

img 33

You can benefit from a variety of advantages when you develop one of the Mega-Pokémon listed below today:

  • Super Gengar (Ghost)
  • (X/Y) Mega Charizard (Fire)
  • Massive Houndoom (Ghost)

As you can see, you can make four megas once more this time. A Ghost or Fire Pokemon is required.

They must be Mega Level 2 at the very least. You will get more Catch Candy and stand a good chance of getting XL Candy if your Pokémon is at Mega Level 2. You will receive even more Catch Candy and have a great chance of receiving XL Candy if your Mega-Pokémon is even at Mega Level 3. And those are advantages that a Pokémon like Litwick always has!

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