It is not what Niantic had announced that the Pokemon GO Developer Diaries were.

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The Pokemon GO Developer Diaries were created by Niantic in response to the controversy surrounding lowering the Pokestop interaction range and then adjusting Incense. It has been more than a year now. It was planned that Niantic would provide information on new features, and explain why certain decisions were made.

Starting in October, we will begin publishing a developer diary every other month to share the latest priorities, events, and features for the game.

The latest Pokemon GO Developer Diaries were released yesterday. It features a design team rather than a programmer. He is also asked how he created the art. It is interesting to see the art that is being created for the game. However, it does not match what was announced. To better communicate, Niantic will use the Pokemon GO Developer Diaries. The community feels that communication is lacking in certain areas, so even the tool it created for this purpose is not being properly used.

The latest Pokemon GO Developer Diaries can be found here.

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