In Pokémon GO, get ready for Litwick Community Day.

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Litwick Community Day, which again lasts three hours, is about to begin. Of course, we all have advice for you, just like last time. You can discover all the advice we have compiled here.

Event times

On October 15 from 2 to 5 p.m., there will be a Pokémon GO Community Day. This indicates that we have three hours to profit from the many advantages. Additionally, a different event runs from 5 to 10 p.m. Later, we will report on that.

Event-Pokémon: Litwick

Litwick will serve as the exclusive event Pokemon for the event. a particular Pokémon that each player is familiar with. In any case, the fact that it’s fresh and shiny makes it interesting.

  • Use your incense; it increases the amount of litwick.
  • Use lures, as they also deliver extra Litwick, as a tip.
  • Advice: Ensure you have adequate balls.
  • Make sure to stock up on plenty of pinap berries (more candy means more Chandelure)
  • You receive extra Candy and even more XL Candy when you have Charizard (X/Y) or Gengar at levels 2 or 3 of your Pokémon.

Event-moves: Poltergeist

Up until 10 p.m. today, you can evolve every Lampent into a Chandelure, and every Chandelure you catch throughout the event has a Poltergeist attack. Of course, this attack is special, but how effective is it? The experts say categorically not.

  • Advice: If you have any Litwick already, exchange a couple for them in the hopes of getting lucky.
  • Tip: You have five hours to attack after the event, so hold off on evolving until then to ensure you have the greatest

Event-bonus: 3 x Catch XP

There will be three bonuses available to gamers for three hours, just like in previous instances. The primary one is the Catch XP that can be obtained. For each catch, you gain three times as much experience (including not Litwick). Keep in mind that only catches are covered by this. No, not for other things.

  • Use Lucky Egg for the duration of the occasion (a total of six times more XP when caught)
  • Tip: At the beginning of the event, turn on six Lucky Eggs.

Event Bonus: Three Hours Incense

Incense burns for three hours throughout the ceremony this time as well. Utilizing Incense ought to result in an increase in both Pokémon and shiny results. Ideal for players who are die-hard fans and wish to catch even more.

  • Remind yourself to light your incense right away.

Event Bonus: Three hours of lures

Again, during the tournament, the lures last for three hours. Using lures ought to result in more Pokémon and hence more shiny objects. Ideal for players who are die-hard fans and wish to catch even more.

  • Make sure the lures are activated promptly throughout the area you play in with your mates.
  • Advice: Are you at a park or other area with lots of stops and attractants?

Other bonuses:

  • When caught, you have a twofold chance of receiving XL Candy.
  • For catches, you receive double candy.
  • You could surprise someone by taking photos.
  • A maximum of two Special Trades are permitted.
  • Trades are 50% cheaper. Stardust

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