Elite Raids are announced by Niantic. Unreachable new raids are coming!

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Although we’ve made numerous assumptions about it on our website and in the podcast, we finally understand what Elite Raids is all about. since they are approaching. You can read all about this new type of raids below (as far as we know), which Niantic released last night:

  • In Pokémon GO, a new kind of raid is called an elite raid.
  • Currently, special Elite Raid eggs with a 24-hour timer are emerging everywhere.
  • Hoopa Unbound emerges as Raidboss at that point.
  • Only locally can you defeat him (not remotely)
  • You’ll have a chance to catch him if you’ve fought these.
  • Only a 30-minute stay is allowed for the raid boss.
  • Today at 11:00, 14:00, and 17:00, the eggs appear.
  • They’ll make another appearance in Pokémon GO later this season.

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