Eindhoven is home to only Pokemon GO Community Ambassadors from the Benelux

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Since the beginning of Community Day, it has been several months since NWTV and Dynamo (Eindhoven Pokemon GO Community) started hosting events for Pokemon GO users. It was evident that this community wants to do it. They organize Silph Road tournaments and are now the only Pokemon GO Community Ambassadors within the Benelux.

This is the reason why the Eindhoven Community was awarded the status of Pokemon Go Community Ambassadors.

  • Niantic allows them to register for their events
  • You can also get items codes and swag for them
  • You can provide feedback to Niantic directly

There will be another Walk & Play during both Classic Community Day and Normal Community Day. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet these Pokémon GO Community Ambassadors in Eindhoven. Their Discord can provide more information!

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