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Dialga Origin or Palkia Origin: Which will we choose?

The dataminers found two new items in Dialga Origin. It was clear earlier that Pokemon could use their attacks in-game, but we had to complete a quest before they were available. Now that levels are found, they range from easy to difficult. DIFFICULTY_UNSET DIFFICULTY_VERY_EASY DIFFICULTY_EASY DIFFICULTY_NORMAL DIFFICULTY_HARD DIFFICULTY_VERY_HARD It is still unknown what missions Dialga […]

The increased Pokemon range in Pokemon Go could be available soon as a limited-time feature.

It has been rumored for a while that in the near future we’ll be able use the maps to launch attacks, just as they did back when the games were first released. This was also covered in our recent MetaPodcast. Dataminers believe they’ve figured it out. The attack is tied to Time and Space – […]

Fashion Week 2023 Pokemon has been added to the game today.

Three new Fashion Week Pokemon are available today. The three Pokemon are all available through different means. It is easy to get Wooper in many ways, including in raids, in eggs or in the wilderness. Quagsire is only obtained by evolution, while Dragonite appears in raids and as rewards from Collection Challenges and paid research. […]