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Pokemon GO Community Day will be held on Oct. 15, and some of the Pokemon have already been revealed.

This month’s Pokemon GO Community Day will end at 5 p.m. today (except the raids), but luckily, we know the date of the next! The next Community Day is on October 15. We already (indirectly), thanks to Niantic’s post and leak, know which Pokemon will be released. This time, it’s Timburr. It was revealed in […]

We also know from the rumors that Pokemon GO will be released in October

The majority of Pokemon GO events for October were announced yesterday, however, there was still a lot of uncertainty. There was an earlier leak, and it is reliable again this time. Timburr Community Day Harvest Festival with Smoliv (there’s still some question marks) The remaining questions are not as certain. Make sure to buy pokemon […]