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In observance de Noibat Community Day, don’t forget your Mega-Pokemon!

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You can get all kinds of bonus offers when you create a Mega-Pokemon today. Mega Latios (Dragon) Mega Latias (Dragon) Mega Sceptile (Dragon) Mega Salamence (Flying/Dragon) Mega Charizard X (Dragon) Mega Ampharos (Dragon) Mega Altario (Dragon) Mega Charizard Y (Flying) Mega Aerodactyl (Flying) Mega Pidgeot (Flying) You can make a lot more megas this time, […]

Shiny Jirachi Special Research takes a minimum seven days to complete and includes special quests.


The dataminers now have more information on the Shiny Jirachi Special Research. We know what rewards are almost certain to receive in every case. The texts also reveal some amazing things about our tasks: So how about you try dedicating seven days to research? Or maybe even catching a thousand Pokémon? I know it's a […]

Dataminers already discovered the Masterwork Research Awards for this month’s end!

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Dataminers rarely find Special Research rewards because they are not easily read in advance. Niantic has already prepared the promotional text for ticket sales and includes Masterwork Research rewards. Here’s a look at what you get (at least for now) for six euros 9 rare candy 20.405 XP 12,700 Stardust 2 Poffins 2 Incense 30 […]

Dataminers have found Mega Medicham and Noibat stickers, as well as many other useful information

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Dataminers found additional items for Pokemon GO, which will be added to the game later. Mega Gardevoir, the Noibat stickers, and others have been already announced. But, more items are being added. Mega Medicham is not yet available. These have been discovered by dataminers. These usually indicate that they are coming to Pokemon GO soon. […]