Are you still hoping that the Pokemon GO Tour Hoenn will be revealed?

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There is a lot of information available about Pokemon GO Tour Hoenn, but there is also a lot that is still unknown. You can find everything that we know about the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn below, and we would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below the article to let us know on Facebook!

  • On February 25th and 26, the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn Global takes place from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • A special ticket will go on sale from February 20th and cost EUR5.99. Article
  • Special Research: Chasing legends will be available to players. This allows you to research the Red & Blue Orbs.
  • Shiny Jirachi, as well as many other new shinies will be available at the event. Article + Article
  • Pokemon GO’s Primal Kyogre & Primal Groudon are now available – Article
  • Special raids are available:

    • Level 1: Treecko & Torchic & Mudkip
    • Level 5: All Deoxys
    • Prima Raids: Primal Groud and Primal Kyogre
  • You can find special spawns in different habitats.

    • Blistering Sands: Torchic* and Nincada*. Cacnea* and Bagon*.
    • Verdant Earth: Wurmple*. Mawile*. Gulpin*.
    • Eerie Mists: Surskit* Meditite* Chimecho* Absol* and many more
    • The Ancient Shores: Mudkip* (Lileep*), Feebas* and Clamperl*
  • These Pokemon are made from eggs

    • 2km eggs: Pichu*. Igglybuff*. Treecko*. Torchic*. Mudkip*. Azurill*. Wynaut*.
    • Surskit*, Gulpin*, and Cacnea* 5km eggs
    • 7km eggs: Trapinch*, Feebas*, Bagon* & Beldum*
    • Torkoal, Tropius and Relicanth are the 10km-eggs
  • Special Field Research Tasks are available – Article
  • The Ruby vs Sapphire Challenge – Article
  • We will be adding more information, such as the new features, at a future date

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