After the Pokemon GO raids, will we be able soon to invite friends?

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For a long time, Pokemon GO has offered the possibility of inviting friends to join you after your raids. This was not possible until now. But it seems that this is finally happening. This is what dataminers found, namely:

  • RESOURCE ID: add_friends_niantic_title
  • TEXT: A Friend in Niantic Gaming
  • RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_from_raid
  • TEXT – Sent You a Friend request from [0] Raid @ [1]
  • RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_modal_message
  • TEXT This can be changed later in Settings.
  • RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_modal_title
  • TEXT – Allow friend requests from trainers of Raids
  • RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_number
  • TEXT: A Raid sent you [0] friend requests!
  • RESOURCE ID: raid_friend_requests_turned_on
  • TEXT – Allow friend requests from Raids to be turned ON
  • RESOURCE ID: settings_raid_friend_requests
  • TEXT – Allow friend requests from Raids
  • RESOURCE ID: settings_raid_friend_requests_tip
  • TEXT is only applicable to in-person or nearby raids
  • RESOURCE ID: social_cancel_friend_request
  • TEXT: Cancel request

The text is not clear whether it only applies to local raids, or whether you are able to do the same for distant raids. The text is easily understood in both directions.

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