A new Scatterbug glitch allows you to run with lots more Scatterbug Candy!

img 25

While it is not clear how long the Scatterbug glitch will be active, Niantic may eventually fix it. However, you can activate this glitch to get some Scatterbug-candy:

  1. Give Scatterbug a poffin and choose Scatterbug to be your friend. The map will show him. It may take a few days for him to show up on the map.
  2. Switch back to the previous friend
  3. Revert to the Scatterbug that you have chosen. You won’t be able to give him any strawberries!
  4. Now go on a long walk. You may find 1000 Scatterbug Candy after a while.

It is likely that the bug will be corrected within 24 hours. You should act quickly if you wish to utilize the Glitch.

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