Monthly Archives: August 2023

The latest Pokemon GO news confirms previous rumors

There were a lot of Pokemon GO rumors recently, and almost all were confirmed with yesterday’s announcements. Here are the latest rumors, as well as what was confirmed yesterday. Festival of Lights featuring Tadbulb, a brand new Pokemon Psychic Spectacular, with Shiny Solosis (as new shiny ) (confirmed sans the shiny) Oddish Research Day Harvest […]

Pokeminers found the new Paldea Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including shinies

Niantic has been able to include the new Paldea Pokemon in the game because it was revealed yesterday. Pokeminers immediately noticed and shared the information. There are few surprises, but there is a lot of confirmation. Most of the shinies are not included in all Pokemon. All Pokemon will be available as of September 5. […]

A Paldean Adventure & Ultra Unlock Paldea

A Paldean Adventure, and Ultra Unlock Paldea will be added to Pokemon GO next month as two new events. We hope this article will clarify the announcements made yesterday. Pokémon-spawns Between September 5 and 15: Hoppip* Houndour* Buizel* Fletchling* Sprigatito Fuecoco Quaxly Lechonk* Nymble Pawmi Frigibax Between September 10 and 15: Nymble Pawmi Frigibax Pokémon […]

Here’s all you need to know about GO Battle League Adventures Abound, which was announced this morning.

There is also a GO Battle League Adventures Abound Update. Here’s what to expect over the next 3 months: 1 September / 08 September Great League Element Cup: Little Edition 8 September 15 September Ultra League Element Cup: Little Edition 15 September / 21 September Master League Psychic Cup – Great League Edition* 29 September […]

Details of the Adventures Abound Season are now known!

Details about the Adventures Abound Season are now available. We’ve shared a lot of event information, but now we have the seasonal details. These Pokemon tend to be more prevalent in wild than others: Gengar* Gulpin* Beldum* Tranquill Scraggy* Gothita Dedenne* Chansey* Staravia Lopunny* Croagunk* Shelmet* Morelull Oranguru* Onix* Sableye* Aggron* Darumaka* Golett* Fletchinder Togedemaru […]