Monthly Archives: June 2023

The new version of Pokemon GO reduces the spawning radius but increases Incense spawns

Niantic’s exact plans are unknown, but an update that decreases spawning radius will increase Incense spawns. This version of the Incense will spawn every 60 second, whether you are standing or walking. It was normal during the Pandemic but has been removed despite many complaints. It is possible that the improvement in Incense spawns was […]

Remote Lucky Trading is not expected to arrive anytime soon

Michael Steranka from Niantic’s Pokemon GO division, the head of its department, answered the question about whether Remote Lucky Trading would ever be possible in an interview. Steranka said that Remote Lucky Trading would take away from the fun of trading with friends. Unfortunately, Remote Lucky Trading is not available at this time. Make sure […]

Pokemon GO is still the top priority for Niantic, despite its major reorganization.

John Hanke has announced the major restructuring via Niantic. Around 230 Niantic employees (forced to or not) will be leaving the company and two games (NBA All-World, Marcel World of Heroes) will stop. Highlights of the announcement include: Focus will be on MR and MR Pokemon GO should remain a game for all time. Pikmin, […]

Dark Flames Collection Challenges: These two challenges are available.

You can now find the two Dark Flames Collection Challenges that are part of this event. Dark Flames Collection Challenges: Fire Catch a Poochyena Carvanha Houndour Capture Catch a stinky Catching a Litwick Evolve Poochyena into a Mightyena Evolve Carvanha into a Sharpedo Torracat can evolve into Incineroar Rewards: 100 Houndoom Mega Energy, 5000 XP […]

Pokemon GO Nearby Radar is working much better in recent times

The Pokemon GO Nearby Radar has been upgraded. Dataminers believed they’d already seen this. Unfortunately, you cannot hunt yourself using the list of Pokemon. However, it is a great help for Collection Challenges. It used to be that a certain Pokemon was almost impossible to locate in the Collection Challenge. Players would drive outside for […]