Monthly Archives: May 2023

Niantic accidentally leaked the Mega Pokemon surprise for next month

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A surprise Mega Pokemon for this month was announced yesterday. The Mega Pokemon will start appearing on June 29th and stay until July 6th. It was unknown which Pokemon this was. Now we know. Niantic accidentally revealed the Pokemon’s name in its website code. Unfortunately, this does not include the Level 5 surprise Pokemon. Mega […]

Code contains a small number of additions to the Pokemon GO Showcases.

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Pokemon GO Showcases will be coming. That much is clear, but there are no details yet because this feature hasn’t been officially announced. Dataminers found some interesting stuff. For the medal, the text has been found: Win {0} PokeStop Showcases It seems that there is a coordinator who helps determine which Pokemon are the best. […]

Research Breakthrough will run from August 2023 to June 2023

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It’s time for the new Research Breakthrough, which unfortunately runs another three months. There are a few choices of Pokemon in this one. There are some that you’ll like better than others. Sableye* Beldum* Audino* Furfrou* Goomy* Noibat* This time, the choice is completely random. Unknown why this Pokemon was selected again. All of them […]

Here are the highlights of June 2023

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The June Spotlight Hours of 2023 were also announced. This time, the edition is a little different. The first one features more than just Pokemon. 6th June:Krabby*, Kabuto*, Corphish*, Clauncher*, and Crabrawler get three times the XP they deserve for catching Pokemon Jun 13th: Binacle* with Double Candy for Catching Pokemon 20 June:Sunkern* has double […]

Niantic has announced new Pokemon GO features to be included in the next season.

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More details will be revealed later. We preview some of the new Pokemon GO functions that were announced as part of this announcement. Sandygast, Palosand and their evolution Palosand will be joining Pokemon Go this season Carbink will be available for the very first time in Pokemon GO Shadow Raids returns June 5, From then […]