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Campfire, which includes new features and will be made available globally soon, is called Campfire

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Niantic now hopes players will be more connected by increasing the cost of remote raid passes. However, players need to know how they can find one another. This works on a national scale, but it was not enough to save local communities from the effects of the corona epidemic. Niantic offers Campfire as a way […]

Niantic cites the imbalance in Pokemon GO for its main reasons for making changes

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Eurogamer spoke with Ed Wu, Pokemon GO Vice President of Niantic. He provided more details on Niantic’s decisions regarding Remote Raids. He cites the main reason for this imbalance in Pokemon GO caused by Remote Raids. These changes are intended to address the long-term imbalance of Pokemon GO. As a result, there are three main […]

Changes to Remote Raids will have a huge impact on the Pokemon GO community

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Remote Raids have been a topic of great discussion in the Pokemon GO community. At all levels, there have been many discussions with players. Although Niantic hopes to restore balance, players just see the raid opportunities shrinking. The pandemic has caused communities to crumble and players who are still active to play have more chances […]

Official Spring into Spring Details: Niantic shares details with you, including lots more!

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We now know everything about the Spring into Spring event. The event has been officially announced by Niantic: From April 4, 10, a.m., to April 10, 8, p.m. Cutiefly, Ribombee and Ribombee are the new players in the game Many Pokemon will have a brand new type of flower (cherry blossom). Pichu* Pikachu* Raichu* Eevee* […]