Monthly Archives: January 2023

These are the Shiny Shadow Pokemon available in Pokemon GO beginning tonight

img 55

The second portion of the Pokemon GO Event (Crackling Voltage), which begins tonight, will feature “new” shiny Shadow Pokemon. Although the three leaders of the team have an entirely new roster, the first Pokemon can still be shiny and the original Pokemon will remain the same. Arlo:Nidoran (Male) Cliff:Magnemite Sierra: Beldum While they are all […]

Pogo Central shares the missing Pokemon from the four next generations

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Pogo Central, one of many social media platforms that produces cool Infographics regularly, is Pogo Central. Another Infographic is one about Pokemon not yet appearing in the following four generations. You can also see the number of Pokemon that are missing from each generation. There are many, and no photos can be added. Make sure […]