Monthly Archives: December 2022

You can also find a new Pokemon GO loading screen here in high quality.

Pokemon GO players will have seen the updated loading screen for Pokemon GO as of yesterday. The loading screen fits in with the holiday theme and should make the majority of players happy. This is the new Pokemon GO loading page in high quality, without any additional information from Niantic. The loading screen should remain […]

Although the seasonal Special Research has not been made available yet, assets are now in place

We, like many players, expected that the seasonal Special Research would go live yesterday as per Niantic’s announcement. However, this has not happened yet. Although the exact cause is unknown, it is likely that one of the reasons is because assets are not yet available. We are not sure when the Seasonal Research Special will […]

Celesteela, and all other Ultra Beasts are available during Ultra Beast Arrival Global Raid Da

img 22

Niantic just announced that the Ultra Beast Arrival Day: Global Raid Day will take place next Sunday. There are many perks and bonuses available during this event. This is a chance for all to end Celesteela. We have included everything below: Ultra Beast Arrival Day: Global Raid Day November 27th, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. […]