Monthly Archives: November 2022

Gimmighoul, the mysterious Pokemon who has haunted you ever since yesterday is called Gimmighoul.

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More information has now been released about the Pokemon that haunted many players from yesterday. Gimmighoul is the name of the Pokemon and comes in two different forms. There are two forms of the Pokemon: a roaming form and a chest form. From the Paldeo area, Mr. Jacq revealed more information on the Chest Form: […]

It is not what Niantic had announced that the Pokemon GO Developer Diaries were.

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The Pokemon GO Developer Diaries were created by Niantic in response to the controversy surrounding lowering the Pokestop interaction range and then adjusting Incense. It has been more than a year now. It was planned that Niantic would provide information on new features, and explain why certain decisions were made. Starting in October, we will […]

Teaser site for “Chest Pokémon” appears to be moving slowly towards something!

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A teaser site has been launched following the introduction of an unknown Pokemon and a coin associated with it yesterday. It shows a treasure box that slowly grows in size. Each four hours, there’s an update on this treasure chest. This treasure chest appears to be working towards something similar to the unveiling of this […]